Automation Hiro

Automation Hiro
Hiro Concentrator everything you are looking for in gas station automation!

Meet Hiro, a supply concentrator that combines practicality and technology.
We strive to provide the latest in the market, always focusing on quality and safety.

 Supply Concentrator, which has different technological characteristics, such as:


  •  ARM processor used in various models of Tablets and Smartphones;
  • Serial, Lan and direct USB communication;
  • Automatic bivolt;
  • Display for direct equipment information such as pump communication status, serial number, battery status, communication type and IP address that the network has provided to the equipment or has been configured;
  • Up to 16 channels for independent pump connection (direct link without links) Direct integration with software via DLL or text files;
  • Only equipment in the national market that has internal SMTP protocol, where connected to a network with internet access, sends emails directly from the concentrator, with varied functions, divided into Administrative / Financial classes and Preventive Maintenance;
  • Extremely intuitive Configurator Software, making automation installation and configuration quick and easy
  • Communication with 2 simultaneous ports, facilitating configurations and maintenance, not having to stop the station in technical interventions.